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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

City O' City New Menu!

City O' City's New Menu here

City o city menu BREAKFAST

VO=Vegan Option
GF=Made with gluten-free ingredients
GFO=Made with gluten-free ingredients option

Basic- $7 VO GFO
2 Eggs or *tofu, City potatoes, daily salad and biscuit or corn tortilla,
with gravy or green chili

Omelette- $9 VO GFO
Fontina, mushrooms and arugula with City potatoes, biscuit or corn Minestrone Genovese- $6 V GF N
Seasonal veggies in broth with pesto
tortilla, and daily salad.

“Lox and Bagel”- $9
Toasted pretzel with smoked bleu cheese spread, fennel confit,
caperberry, shallot and egg or *tofu

Chilaquiles- $8 VO GF
Corn tostadas, enfrijolada sauce, 2 eggs and queso fresco, or *tofu

The Saison- $11 VO
Roasted tomato, Fresno pepper jam and Gruyère on a saison roll,
grilled and topped with a fried egg or *tofu and Dijon dressed
arugula, with City potatoes and daily salad

Warm Steel Cut Oats- $6 v GF
Steel cut whole oats with brown sugar, preserved fruit and almond

Power Waffle- $10
Served with macerated fruit and tart coconut sauce

The Savory Waffle- $10 VO GF
Seasonal Vegetable ragù and Taleggio fondue
Add an egg for $1

Biscuits and Gravy- $8 VO
2 biscuits topped with 2 eggs or *tofu

City Parfait- $7 V GF
Yogurt with house granola and preserves

Breakfast Burrito- $7 VO
Egg and cheese or *tofu with potatoes and pinto beans smothered
with green chile or gravy

City Potatoes- $2 V GF
Egg(1)- $1
*Scrambled Tofu- $2 V
Green Chili- $2 V GF
Gravy- $2 V
Biscuit- $2.50 V
Daily Salad/Greens- $3 V GF


*Breakfast tofu items contain nuts

city o city menu SOUPS/SALADS

Tortilla Soup- $6 V GF
Tomatillo and tomatoes with chiles
and corn tortillas

La Osa- $6/9 V GF
Mixed greens, dried apricots, chickpeas, red onion, avocado tossed
in jalapeno lime citronette with crispy corn chips

Caesar- $5/8 VO GFO
Romaine , shaved Grana and croutons

Agro-Dolce- $10 VO GFO
Warm seasonal vegetables truffled and tossed with balsamic vinegar
and baby spinach, with sweet and sour red onions and a Gorgonzola




city o city menu SANDWICHES

Comes with choice of side

City, O' Burger- $11 VO N
Quinoa and pinto bean patty on a kaiser with special sauce and

El Jefe- $13 VO N
Our burger with cheddar, sauteed mushrooms, onion rings, hot-sauce
aioli and a fried egg

Vegetable- $11 V
Grilled and marinated vegetables, greens and tapenade on baguette

The Saison- $11
Fried egg or tofu, frisée, tomato, Fresno pepper jam, Gruyère and
Dijon-mayo on a saison roll

BBQ- $11 V N
Dry rubbed tofu, bourbon BBQ sauce with slaw and house pickles
on a kaiser

Sides- $3
Fries V GF
Cup O' Soup
Mixed Greens

* Add an egg to any dish for $1


City, O' City, 303-831-6443, 206 E. 13th Ave.

Onion Rings
Warm Potato Salad v GF
Sautéed Greens


Udon Noodle Bowl- $12 VO
Mushrooms, Bok Choy, shallot, Thai basil
and fresh noodles in a carrot, ginger broth, with
daikon, pickled carrot, micro greens and soft egg

Tofu Schnitzel- $13 V
Pretzel-crusted tofu, pan-fried, served with warm
VO=Vegan Option
whole grain mustard potato salad, seasonal
GF=Made with gluten-free ingredients veggies, caperberry and a white wine sauce
GFO=Made with gluten-free ingredients option
N=Contains nuts Paccheri con Funghi- $11 VO


Pickle Plate- $8 V GF
Assortment of house pickled vegetables

Fried Pickles- $7 V
Drizzled with a malt vinegar gastrique

Crudo- $9 V GF
Raw presentation of fruits and vegetables

Mac & Cheese- $8 V
With broccolini
Taleggio cheese sauce- $10

Soft Pretzel- $6 V
Served with City Mustard and Kraut

Grilled Shishito Peppers- $5 V
Grilled or tempura battered, with garlic, sesame dressing and
sweet soy

House-Made Mozzarella- $8
Roasted seasonal vegetables and aged balsamic

Seitan Wings- $8 V
Buffalo or BBQ sauce with ranch and celery

Poutine- $9 VO
Fries, gravy and fresh curd

Mushroom ragù tossed with large tube pasta,
arugula, pesto and shaved Grana

The Savory Waffle- $10 VO GF
Seasonal Vegetable ragù with Taleggio fondue
Add an egg for $1

BBQ Plate- $12 V N
Dry rubbed tofu with bourbon BBQ sauce
served with mac and cheese and sauteed greens

Macro Plate- $12 V GF
Greens, grains and protein:
Togarashi blackened tofu with quinoa and
wakame pilaf in miso broth with steamed greens
and pickled carrot

city o city PIZZA

Available vegan and GF by request
Please allow 20-25 minutes for pizza


à Trois-
Cheese 3-ways and red

Margherita- $9/20
mozzarella, basil and

Florentine- $10/22
Olive oil, tomatoes,
spinach, mushrooms,
3 cheese and rosemary

Antipasti di Terra- $14 V GF
A mix of grilled, marinated and pickled
vegetables, olives and salads

Cheese Board- $16 GFO
3 artisan selections served with baguette
and goodness

Fork & Knife Sandwich- $13 V
Meatless loaf with gravy and fries on
a pretzel, served with sauteed greens


“Sausage” and

Seitan sausage,
poblano peppers, red
onion, red sauce and mozzarella

Tapenade- $10/22
Mixed olive tapenade,

City o city Denver

arugula, basil pesto,
mozzarella and

La Chagall- $11/23
Apricot preserves, green
olives, roasted garlic
and brie cheese

Vegetable- $10/22
Olive oil and seasonal
vegetables with basil,
mozzarella and aged-


VO=Vegan Option
GF=Made with gluten-free ingredients
GFO=Made with gluten-free ingredients option
N=Contains nuts

city o city menu

City O' City Denver

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City O' City is currently under construction but we will be publishing the menu soon!

City, O' City is Capitol Hill's unique answer to everyone's needs: a coffee shop with vegan pastries; a bistro-style vegetarian restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner and a full bar!

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